Welcome to my personal page!

My name is Justin C. Major (he/him) and I am a recent graduate of the Purdue University School of Engineering Education Doctoral Program. This coming fall, I will be moving to New Jersey to join the wonderful folks at Rowan University in the Experiential Engineering Education Department.

As you can see, my interests are engineering and education. My philosophy is that ALL students should have the opportunity to experience education, especially engineering education. Education gives people, families, and communities direction, life, or hope for a more invigorating or better tomorrow. However, I recognize that attainment of these opportunities is burdened by the existence of various inequalities including racism, sexism, classism and more. My teaching, service, and research reflect my passion for understanding and dismantling these -isms and making engineering education, and general education more broadly a more equitable place for systematically marginalized students to grow, thrive, and become socially mobile.

Aside from being self-promotional, this site exists as a record of my projects and achievements. More about my experiences researching, teaching, and publishing, as well as my involvement, awards, and other projects can be explored using the navigation above. Additionally, I can be contacted via the contact page.

I look forward to connecting and working together.