Dissertation (in progress)

"More than income: Socioeconomic inequality and the pathways of low-income undergraduate engineering students"

Dissertation Funding: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (DGE- 133486)

Advisor: Dr. Allison Godwin

Committee: Dr. Alice Pawley, Dr. Matthew Ohland, Dr. Paul Dean

Expected Graduation: May 2022

Research Interests

  • Socioeconomic Inequality

  • Intersectionality & Feminist Theories

  • Relationships Between Social Inequality and Engineering Student Success

  • Use of Critical Quantitative Methods in Engineering Education

  • Sociology of Engineering Education

  • Structural & Materials Pedagogy

Big Research Questions

  • In what ways can use of an intersectional perspective of socioeconomic inequality, including the many social and systematic processes that create income inequality, disrupt engineering education's understandings of marginalized and exploited students?

  • In what ways are student pathways to and through engineering education influenced by systematic inequality?

  • How can engineering education research be transformed to support socioeconomically disadvantaged students?

  • In what other ways is engineering education complicit in the exploitation of marginalized peoples more broadly?

  • In what ways can quantitative methodologies in engineering education be revisited to better support engineering education diversity research outcomes?

  • How can the teaching and/or pedagogy of structures and materials engineering education be transformed to be more inclusive of different learning needs, and better aligned with the needs of evolving academia and industry?

Current/Ongoing Research Projects

Coming soon.

Prior Research Projects

  • In collaboration with NSF Award #EEC-1664038: "Collaborative Research: Supporting Agency Among Early Career Engineering Education Faculty in Diverse Institutional Contexts."

    • Supporting Agency Among Early Career Education Faculty in Diverse Institutional Contexts (2019)

  • In collaboration with NSF Award #DUE-1161052: "Outreach Programs and Science Career Intentions"

    • Neighborhood differences in STEM education opportunity (2017-2018)

  • Non-Award-Related Work

    • Engineering student's perceptions of the future (2015-2016)